Assalmualikum, shiekh!
I’m a new revert, i’m an ex XXX living in a country where there are few shias here. I dont even know any shias. The problem is with my mom, i used to talk to her about shiaism before, my family are XXXX, so now i get insulted from time to time although i’m in taqyah but i cant manage my anger most of the time with my mom and she tightened the grip on me, no internet and even my facebook is searched, when i post anything about ahlul bayet, she would get extremely angry and she would order my to unfollow the people i shared their post although they are not shias. i dont really know what to do with my family " my mom especially" and i cant manage my anger most of the times, so we fight. my question is would allah curse me for her cursing me? how do i deal with her?

wsalam, Allah Subhnatala give you strength, well path of Ahlebait AS is hard, difficulties are there, but same time ahlebait AS teach us patience and intelligence.
so avoid unnecessary debates with ur mother, respect her, show care abt her, and whatever u want to do, don't need to inform them abt reading and all,
come with logical things, do tawasul with ahlebait AS, surely they help you
there is always a way….
Pray for ur success