Asslam alaykum, i am in a situation and would like to know what is the ruling on marriage without the fathers consent. I am a 26 year old female living in the states, i have completed a bachelors in accounting and am financially independent, still living with my parents. I met a shia man (same ethnicity and religion) 3 years ago and introduced him to my parents. My parents both had objections towards him, my father did not like the fact he was religious and my mother opposed him because he did not finish university (though he has some credits and he has his own business in the states). I spoke to a local sheikh who had a meeting with my parents and told me their reasons are not valid for denying this man however i must try to change their opinion. I have spent the last 2 and half years trying. The sheikh is the only sheikh in our community and he said i can get married without my parents consent but i should do so with another sheikh not in the community so that my parents do not get mad at him. I really do not know what else to do. I feel my parents denial is not valid and i want to proceed with marrying this man. This situation is really weighing me down emotionally mainly beacuse of the lack of effort/support from my parents, if they have good reason to deny this man then say so but they are just watching the years go by and seeing me suffer. I really need some advice, thank you.

Walaikumussalam Sister
I do understand your situation I am convinced but Sister this is the ruling
Your shaikh is absolutely right you must have permission from your father as he is your wali(guardian)
I suggest you to involve local. Sheikh or family members to convince your parents.
I'm praying to Allah for your happy successful blessed life .