Back when I was In grade 6, I had a fight with a guy, then after finishing our class me and some others went to his house which was near our school and threw rocks at his window such that his window broke(breaking his window wasn't our intention we were doing it to annoy him).

Anyways, now I have left that school and the person also moved to a new house( I'm not in contact with him any more)

My question is that am I supposed to pay a kaffara or is repentance enough?

Right now I am studying and I do not earn anything. So, can my parents pay on my behalf?

Salam Alaikom

1- Ask Allah for forgiveness, and pray for that person

2- Estimate the cost of the window and now pay it as Sadaqa (charity) for the poor on behalf of that guy. Say, “O Allah, I give this amount as charity on behalf of that guy.”

3- Let your parents give you the money and you make the intention to pay charity on that guy’s behalf

If you do this then you will have fulfilled your responsibility.