I am a kind of political person. when it comes to reading news or atrocities commited by certain countries to the oppressed, I always find myself on social media sharing my input on whats going on for example in Palestine, Yemen, or other countries being oppressed. or talk highly about the martyrs that die in the way of Allah protecting the shrine of our imams and sayidah zainab against evil people. i have this urge to just share this, speak about it, stand for justice, encourage people to stand against injustice. I know there is nothing wrong for standing with truth against injustice but when does the role of taqiya come into place here? My parent tells me that I shouldn't because this could bring harm, especially when governments dont like what is being said. she says I should just not speak because who knows what this could lead too. I dont know what to do, shouldn't we speak against injustice. Where does taqiya come into place here, if I understood the term correctly?

Yes we should always advocate for justice and speak about injustice. However, we must use effective means and strategies. Use strategies that are more effective an subtle, because as your parents said, you also don’t want to bring harm to yourself or your community. Don’t say things that will make you and your family be monitored or targeted. Use terms that are more neutral and an effective method is to search for what American figures have said about these atrocities and circulate that. You’d be surprised how many Americans condemn the types of injustice you mentioned. That would be a safer and more effective way.