1: As we all know that muslims are being questioned with Hazrat Muhammad PbUH marriage with Ayesha that she was only 6 years old at the time of her nikkah and 9 years old when she got married primarily in Sunni school of thought. However we Shias also believe that Ayesha was either 19 or 24 years old. Please confirm which one is the most authentic hadith and HOW can we justify this issue when we are questioned by non muslims and they raise the question of child marriage or abuse.

2:Similarly, Hazrat Fatima ( sallamun alaiha) was 9 years old only when she got married with a mature man, I believe 24 years old Imam Ali as. How can we justify this matter? Age gap may or may not be issue but main thing is that Bibi Fatima sa was too young to get married.

3: What was Bibi Fatima's age at her each child's birth?

4: A bit off-topic question, are all Imams including Bibi Fatima superior to Prophets except Hazrat Muhammad PBUH?
Is it same for Bibi Zainab sa, Bibi Umme Kulsum, Abulfazl Abbas and the rest, are they superior than prophets too or not? Were they Masoom?

1- We dispute that she was 9. Our sources indicate she was most likely 17. This is not child marriage. So tell non-Muslims that the hadiths which claim she was 6 or 9 were fabrications and exaggerations by Aisha to show she was very special and sought after. So just be firm and tell them it’s not true.

2- As for Lady Fatima (a) and Imam Ali (a), you can see this video at minute 27 and onwards:


3- She was 11, 12, 13, and 14 or 15

4- Yes the Imams and Lady Fatima are superior to other prophets. Not the same for Lady Zaynab, Um Kulthum and others. They had the minor infallibility according to many scholars.