1) Does it count as the cutting off family ties sin if I do not stay in contact with my dad’s side of the family? Their family is full of oppressors and I wish for myself and my family to have nothing to do with them. Will Allah punish me for this? Another point is that they do not want to talk to us either. They do not pick up my mothers phone calls, nor do they message her. I do not have their phone numbers but I’m sure they would do the same to me. The only way I can keep up ties with them is visiting their homes but they might insult me and it would be very awkward.

2) There are some of them like my 3rd or 4th cousins who are much more distant and I’ve practically never met them in my life. Some of them I have met but when I was a child and no longer have contact with them. Is it necessary to reach out to them as well? And when I do, is it sufficient to send greetings to them through my mom or my dad or do I have to do it personally?

1) You must not completely cut all ties with them. Let them know that you reject their oppression, but once in a while you must keep ties with them.

Try to call them or send them a message every several months. For example on Eid send them a greeting.

2) It is not necessary. But it is recommended and you will be rewarded if you do. And yes it’s sufficient to send them a greeting through your mom/dad.