1) I heard that, when we make wouzou, and we don’t finished the massa of feet, we can’t walk or move more than 3 steps. Is it true?

2) If I do mistake in the zikr for example, Do I have the right to just correct it direclty? Or I have to re do my namaz again?

3) Moreover, if I am performing my namaz, my clothes slide, so we can see , the part of my body that Its wajib to cover (example my wrists) , do I have to re do my salat? Or just cover it again and continue it ?

4) Then, do you have some advices to be concentrated in salat? I have so many difficulty to be concentrated .

1- Youmay walk more than three steps for doing Masah of your feet the only thing is that this walk should not be considered as your are walking for something else in between your wudhu because in wudhu Mwalat (continuity) must be maintained.
2- You May correct any mistake in Namaz before going to do another action.
3-if it happens unintentionally and you have corrected it then no need to repeat your namaz.
Make sure before namaz that your clothes must be according to shariayah rules.
4-The very first step to achieve concentration in Namaz is that one should know complete meaning of namaz if Arabic is not his/her language. So please try to learn all Surah , Zikr and Qunoot Tashahhud and Salam etc… meaning then try to start contraction step by step first try to have contraction while reciting Sura Hamd then later do same fore 2nd Sura and the later in the zikr of Ruku and Sajdah and so on..