1) I wanted to ask the view on reading salah in congregation in your home. If you are unable to get to the masjid for salah, is it recommended to perform salah in congregation even if it just you and your spouse? Previously, in the South Asian community, the role of leading salah has been reserved for the Imams of masajid and scholars. Recently, I have been hearing that any man can lead salah even if it just in the home.

2) Are there any sources of the Imams (a) leading in congregation in their own homes? I would assume when the 11th Imam (a) was in house arrest, he would lead at home. Otherwise, Imams (a) would lead in the masjid, right? I am trying to explain this to individuals I know – they would ask what are the benefits of reading in congregation? Isn’t congregation only reserved for bringing people together to the masajid, so what benefit would it have in the home?

1) It is extremely recommended to do so if possible, though of course whoever leads the congregation in the home must fulfil all the conditions of a prayer leader as mentioned in Islamic Laws of Ayatullah Sistani (Baligh, sane, Twelver, Adil (ie one who doesn’t sin openly and repents after sinning etc).

2) I’m not aware of any specific narrations but given that Imams were under political persecution most of their lives they would have prayed jamaat at home most of the time.