1. If a son/daughter who lives with parents perform sinful acts eg drink haram, engage in haram relationship , neglects wajibat, even after being advised, what else can the parent do? Some people said to kick them out of the house
2. If the child who engage in sinful acts do not live with the parents , should the parents still welcome them into their home
3. What if it is the parents who are the one doing haram , what can the child do? Still treat the parents with respect?
4. What of siblings who are not living in the same household? Is it right for siblings not to welcome the sinner sibling into their household?
4. If a neighbour ( Muslim or non-Muslim) is a sinner for example he/she is gay, drinks, but they are decent people in the sense that they are good neighbours, how do we go about engaging with them?

1- I don’t recommend kicking them out of the house. It usually does not solve the problem and it will push them further away from faith. Be creative and figure our effective methods to advise them based on your knowledge of their personality. Yes if they bring these abominations to your house, try to stop them. For example, don’t let them drink in the house. Be patient, as sometimes it takes time for such children to be guided.

2- Yes they should still welcome them and keep ties with them.

3- The child must still respect the parents and keep ties with them. However, the child should figure out effective methods to try to guide them (through some good family friends or family members if talking directly to the parents does not work).

4- Siblings must still keep ties with sinful siblings. Yes they should not approve of their sins and make it clear they disapprove of their sins, but they still should welcome them to their house or keep ties with them.

5- You can still show them the beautiful Akhlaaq of Ahlulbayt (a) and always motivate them to take the moral path. You can still keep ties with them as long as you don’t support their immoral lifestyle in any way.