1) Is the shrine of prophet Ibrahim located in Palestine or Iraq? How can we confirm where it is located?

2) Shia Muslims have built the tomb of the Prophet Ibrahim in Borsippa, which is located between Kufa and Hillah. It was turned into a religious shrine topped by a green dome and visited by people as part of their religious pilgrimages.

3) Would you say that Religious shrines have become widespread, without any verification or fact-checking of information- especially in places like Iraq? I feel like people will build mosques and shrines and will slap a name on them and say “ this is the shrine of so and so”. These religious sites have turned into religious tourist attractions for people in and outside Iraq. And I feel like this should be a reason to push religious tourism in the country to generate further revenues to the state’s budget in light of the economic crisis.

1) Our narrations indicate Prophet Ibrahim (a) passed away in Chaam. Chaam is basically the Levant (area that encompasses part of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan). Most scholars accept that he passed away in Hebron.

2) The shrine in Iraq is not the burial place of Prophet Ibrahim (a). It is supposed to mark the place he was saved from the fire of Nimrod.

3) Some religious shrines have indeed become widespread without basis. But for many of them, there is a basis