1) Recently, I studied about the difference of prayer time between shia and sunni including its source in Al-Qur'an and also hadith, and suddenly something came up in my mind, why sunni scholars, the big ones, don't accept this truth, the source is so clear that we can combine dzuhur with asr and maghrib with isya? I am also sure they are much more capable than I am, but why they ignore this fact?

2) I know shia is the truth, shia follows ahlulbayt, i haven't studied much about it but somehow im assured this is the right path of islam, and also im sure sunni scholars once again the big one has also studied about hadith and also al-qur'an but why they're still sunni? I' m also sure they're much more pious than I am, much much more, but why Allah chose me to be able to accept this truth but not them? sometimes i feel like i dont deserve it and im wondering what i've done for Allah to choose me and what they've done so that they can't accept the truth? Im sure they read quran, they read books of hadith, they do tahajjud, but why not them? why me? im nothing compared to them. I am thinking this is related to certain traits that they have? I'm also afraid in the future Allah will take away this hidayah from me if I have this certain trait, so i want to know so that i cant prevent this to happen

3) I've heard we have to follow ahlulbayt so that we will not go astray? what does it mean? Even if the sunni scholars, the very pious ones can go astray because they don't really follow ahlulbayt? For example the way the pray is different from that of Prophet (pbuh), how could they go astray by this? Would you mind giving me an example of "going astray" in this case?

1) Yes the Qur’an is clear in stating 3 main times for salat. Sunnis don’t accept because when you follow a school thought and consider others wrong you get blinded to the truth. Sunnis don’t follow the Fiqh of Ahlulbayt. They follow others who were not infallible (like Abu Hanifa and others). Hence they go it wrong. Historically that had more political power and more numbers so they think they are correct.

2) Just reading Qur’an and acting pious does not ensure guidance. Yazeed read Qur’an too and Iblis worshipped God for thousands of years. One must be 100% open to the truth and humble the heart to the truth. Many Sunni scholars have stubbornness in them and they don’t want to give up their path. Their love for some companions blinds them. The Prophet (s) never said hold on to the companions, he said hold on to the Ahlulbayt. Maybe you have done something sincere in your life and Allah found it worthy and so He gave you hidaya. Make sure you work hard everyday for your faith so you don’t lose it.

3- When you don’t follow Ahlulbayt you go astray because:

-You won’t be worshipping God true way he wants
-You won’t be praying like the Prophet did
-You won’t understand the Qur’an properly
-You end up having false beliefs
-You follow the opinions of fallible people like companions and leaders of schools of thought

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