1. What does Shia islam say about paranormal activity? Is it real?

2. For example, ghosts, haunted buildings, haunted houses, haunted cemeteries. Are those real?

3. Ghosts or spirits opening doors, making noises or knocking things off of tables or shelves and the idea of Evil energy. Or iteams/objects flying around the room. Is any of that real?

4. If any of that is real, can you get physically hurt by a ghost or spirit?

5.What is the Shia perspective on jinns? Are they the same as ghosts or spirits?

6. Can a jinn take a human form and do bad or evil things to people? Can they physically harm you?

7. How about seeing unusual figures that you can’t describe. Like almost seeing something move or feeling like someone is staring at you when no one is there. And feeling like someone is walking past you. Or seeing a ghostly figure in a photo.

I’ve heard friends ( some Muslim, some non Muslim) tell me about personal encounters where unusual and un-human things happen to them, but I never know if I should believe them because I personally don’t know the Islamic perspective on this and if Islam believes any of it to be real.

Most of your questions can be answered by one word that is No. But yes we do believe in Jinn as Quran has mentioned details about them. But as for as Shia perspective if we talk anything negative about them (Jinn) its just their temptation to Humans for doing wrong things or bad deeds. Therefore if you read chapter Falaq and Nas in the Holy Quran it has been asked same ways that we should seek refuge of Allah from the harm of both Jinn and Ins ( Insan= Human). So it's against the Justice of Allah swt that he give power to an entity who comes and harm an innocent human who can not defend himself or can't realisizes their presence. If we talk about ghost or witch and black magic sometimes it can work but not frequently and with anyone and if it happens there are ways to tackle them. So whatever you hear from Ghost or raed and watch in movies or in the books of Christian or Hindus or even Muslims most of the time it's just superstition or cinematic scenes but not authentic.