1) With certain trigger points and events, I get really anxious and I also start being suspicious of everyone around me. I have medication which helps with this but I have people in my culture who tell me that it's not good to take them for more than once or twice because that will be sinful of me as if I do not trust Allah (SWT). These medications help me act normal and calm which also helps me focus on Islam because otherwise in times of extreme anxiety, I also fall into sins and forget about Salah. Am I being sinful by taking then more than once as people say?

2) Am I allowed to take this medication secretly without the knowledge of my family (if I'm in need of it) ? My family will not be supportive of me taking them and definitely do not understand the mental toll it takes on me. Medically speaking, the doctor says that I need it and should take it.

1) No you are not being sinful in taking these medications. Please don’t listen to these people. It’s completely ok to take them if you need them.

2) Yes you can take it without their knowledge