A couple months back in my life about half a year ago, a poor person from The Gambia in Africa contacted me and asked for help. He was a fellow Sunni Muslim brother and said he didn't have his parents anymore and lived with his only grandparent which was his grandma and his 2 other small siblings. He sent me many pictures of him and his family. I of course helped him for the sake of Allāh (SWT) and donated. He would text me every day and ask how my day was as well as make dua for me a lot. He even sent me images of him buying rice with the money I sent him. Eventually he started asking for more and more everyday. One day he said he owed money to someone and he couldn't pay it back so the guy got mad and attacked him with a knife which caused him to bleed a lot. He asked for more money which was more than I anticipated even tho I could cover it, it would take up a huge portion of my savings. I told him I was unemployed and I didn't have any source of income. I'm young and I do not have much money. He didn't seem to understand however since he knows I live in a rich country which is Canada and expected me to be able to help. A few days later, he texts me crying again and said his sibling got burned by boiling water and asked for money for hospital treatment. This time it was more than I could even pay for out of my savings. I told him I couldn't and I asked an online scholar about the situation and the scholar advised me to get rid of my connections to him because it was on the internet and it was unreliable. I was advised and told by many to stick to donating to established charities instead. The problem is ever since I blocked him, I have had a lot of difficulties in my life. My savings sank quickly as well as I lost more and more of my wealth over these months. Today I came across a post on Instagram which showed a saying of Imam Hussain (AS) which states: "Know that when people need your help, it is Allah's blessings upon you. Thus do not get tired of the blessing, lest those should turn into calamities and woes."
Bihar ul-Anwar, vol.78, p.121

I thought of this as a sign from Allāh (SWT) that I might have done something wrong with the person I met online and I may have hurt his feelings. Is this the reason of all of this happening in my life? If so, how do I remove it and repent now?

1- It’s possible that the person was really in need, but it’s also possible that he was making up those stories to get more money.

2- In any case, you helped him and you fulfilled your duty. Now what you can do is give some charity to a trusted source (like an orphanage or a charity you trust) and ask Allah to remove any negativity from your life. It’s best to have a sheep sacrificed and given to the poor.

3- Write Ayatul Kursi (2:255-257) while on Wudhu and towards the Qiblah and post it in every room on the wall.