A few days ago, there was a big event, motoGP, the event was in outdoor, the crews recruited someone that they believe can handle weather because they didn't want the event to be ruined by rain. This someone is called "rain shaman", she claims she can call and even cast out the rain. The concept that this shaman has is God gives her the power to control the sky, it's like the sky has some AC (air conditioner) and she has the remote control. The rituals she does such as burning incense and so on is how she prays (she is also called "the prayer").
How does Islam sees this? Is this musyrik/shirk? Is it possible for someone to have that kind of power? Because what I understand is she doesn't state that she fully controls the sky, she is also asking, she states the there's possibility for her to fail in calling or casting out the rain

Please enlighten me, because im afraid i'd fall in believing something that leads me to shirk

Islam rejects such claims.

1- Now if she claims she has powers independent of Allah to influence the falling of rain, that’s shirk.

2- If her claims is that she prays to God and he accepts her prayer, that’s not shirk but it’s false. She has not been granted such powers from Allah. Yes, just like any other human being, she can pray for rain and Allah may or may not answer.