A Sunni revert brother that I know is currently struggling with something regarding investing and finances, I would greatly appreciate if you could shed some light on his situation and offer advice as well as the Shi’a point of view. I’ll copy and paste his situation/question.

'Bonds are haram. They're also a very safe investment. My father recently started to include me in the investing he has been doing in my name – he manages all family funds, but I am the only muslim in the family. The inheritance already exists on a shared account between my sister and I, managed by my father.

How do I convince my father to drop bonds entirely? This means annihilating about half our portfolio, firing the wealth management team (since their management results in bond investments) and asking my father to risk all our family funds (including the half that my sister owns) for religious beliefs they do not share.

My situation leaves me very worried as I fear I can't really change it until my father passes away. He does not allow me to pay zakat with family funds either'

1- Bonds are not haram if the interest accrued comes from non-Muslims. Yes, charging interest from Muslims is haram. So if you think these bonds are from non-Muslims, that money is halal for you and no need to worry.

2- Assuming the money is haram, and you have explained that to your father but he doesn’t listen, you have fulfilled your obligation, and the money your father gives you is your halal money. The sin of charging interest is on him not you. So resume positive ties with your parents and don’t worry as you have fulfilled your obligation