Alhamd now that the covid sitaution is getting better, provinces and states are re-opening and in-person work begins right in Ramadhan. I have a long commute to work, approx 3 hrs (to and from). I stay in a city where fasts are kept for 16 hrs or longer and I do get weak when I am fasting consecutively for days despite being home. I do not want to put my job at risk and not go to work but I am afraid of this routine getting a toll on me. I quickly lose weight and feel sick every Ramadhan. Is it possible to fast every alternative days instead of continuous fasting? And if it is possible, when I am re-paying, do I have to pay Fidya as well?

May Allah facilitate it for you.

One may break his fast only if he feel exhausted and cannot continue, and one cannot find any other alternative to cope with the fasting.

According to Ayatollah Sistani, you would have to start the day fasting then if you feel exhausted and cannot continue then you can break your fast, but you would have to make up this day later.

An alternative to consider is to stay over at the place of your work every other day. It may be an inconvenience by do consider it and see if it’s possible. That will reduce some of those long commutes.