Are names such as "Al-Khaliq" & "ar-Raziq" part of the essence? I see them being referred to as "Attributes of Action" (i.e. created), but I thought the 99 names were "parts" (not parts as in divisible/distinct things) of the essence, therefore are uncreated and are part of God’s complete oneness.

After doing some research, I’ve grown pretty confused. As I thought Allah Azza wa Jal was "Al-Khaliq" & "Ar-Raziq" because He is able to create and sustain, not necessarily because He "became" them once He willed them (created, sustained, etc.).
But after doing even more research, it sounds like some people are saying they aren’t part of thr essence, but rather are byproducts of the Will (a created thing), and He became them after He performed them via the will.

So what is the case?

1- The “power” to create and sustain is an attribute of essence. It is inseparable from Allah. He always has this power, and it’s his essence.

2- But using that power to create or sustain isn’t essential—meaning He can create or not create. It’s up to Him. It’s separable from His essence because at one point God did not create then He created. With power and knowledge, however, there is no such scenario. He is always knowledgeable and always powerful.