As we are told that our beloved Prophet does not speak or act on his own accord, how do we reconcile this fact that he had prohibited himself honey and Marya in surah Tahrim ayat 1? How do we understand this ayat, is this ayat a censureship by God, just like what happened to Prophet Jonah?

1- The Prophet (s) acted responsibly and did not do anything inappropriate. Some of his wives came up with a conspiracy, and he wanted to end it because any responsible husband would want to end controversies at home. So when he made something prohibited on himself, there was wisdom in it.

2- Allah revealed this chapter to expose the plot of those two wives. In reality, God is rebuking them for what they did, not the Prophet (s). Allah is telling him basically there is no need for you to make something haram on yourself when your wives are conspiring. You don’t need to go out of your way to satisfy them. So essentially Allah relieved the Prophet (s) from the responsibility of trying to satisfy them. Sometimes there is a person who is very kind, but then his parents tell him: ok, you don’t need to be this kind in this situation, and he obeys them. That way he has an excuse for not being too kind.