Can you kindly explain the following points:

1)How many total children did the holy prophet(saw) had?

2)What were the names of all of them?

3)How many children of prophet(saw) survived infancy and lived?

4)Did the prophet have one daughter or four daughters? I have seen this come up in few of discussions lately and there is some confusion regarding this, so can you kindly verify and educate us on this matter. Kindly provide references so I can forward them to dear friends.

5)Regarding the previous question, what is the general consensus in Shia marjae regarding this matter. What is the mainstream belief

1) The Prophet (s) had 3 boys and 1 daughter (or 4 daughters according to a different view)

2) Qasim, Abdullah, Ibrahim, Fatima

3) Fatima (as)

4) There is a difference of opinion about this issue whether the other girls were daughters of the prophet or if they were his foster children from Kahdija’s sister who passed away.

5) There is no general consensus but differing views according to each individuals research.