Earlier I was reading benefit of dua ahad and now I was reading one of your old public Q and A, you mention that those that recite that dua will be given option to return also.

In it you also mention that the option to return would be given to those with pure aqeeda.
1) Can you clarify if the requirements of those with pure aqeeda also falls on those who recite it for 40 days dua ahad i. e. if a shia recite dua ahad for 40 days consecutively but he by far not someone as pious as true believers like the mujtahid. would such individual still be given option to return to the mehdi from barzakh just for reciting that dua for 40 days?

2) Is the dua recommended to recite after fajr, correct? Also, is it like once in a life time deal to recite it for 40 consecutive days or you have to do it every year?

1- One does not have to be a Mujtahid or a very high ranking, pious Shia to be qualified to return. As long as this person has a complete belief, his belief is solid and firm, and does good deeds (fulfills all obligation, and if he sins he repents) then he would be qualified. So if he recites this Du’a 40 days he will have the honor to return.

2- Yes it is recited after Fajr. You don’t have to do it every year, but if you do, it increases your chances of being firm and having this honor.