Every time I’m in prayer and Praise God in the last rakats or when I’m in sujood and rukuh I can never understand the benefits nor do I really feel spiritually sound if that makes sense. I can give you and example with how I feel. Every time I say Bismallah Al raham al Raheem, I feel noor in my heart because I know those terms mean that God is always Merciful and especially Merciful to the believers so it makes me want to pray to Him even more. How should I not pray to the one who continually gives and forgives our sins and created me to benefit. This is how Rahman and Raheem puts noor in my heart but I don’t feel the same when I’m praying and say Allahu akbar or Subhanallah or Allahmudallah. Especially when I’m sujood I feel void of that noor. I’m just praising God I don’t feel anything else. I know he created me but I just don’t feel noor when I recite these praises in salat. I think something is severely wrong with my understanding of Allah(swt) and my purpose. This is affecting my worship and I don’t know what to do.

By better understanding what those dhikrs mean, you can interact with them more:

1- When you say Allahu Akbar, you are basically saying Allah is greater than anything around me. He is greater than money, because he can help me much more than money can. He is greater than power, politics, people, and so on. Why should I distract myself with these petty issues when I have Allah as the infinite source of goodness?

2- When you say Alhamdulillah, you are thanking Allah. You are saying: O Allah you gave me my blessings, and I will thank you by using them properly, not misusing them.

When you think about the meaning of these praises, you will find that Noor Insha’Allah.

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