I am 25 years old, and my father owns a business that he himself built with a lot of hardships.
Mashallah is it successful today. But I do not have an interest in joining the business or being its successor. I know that being in this business will create problems between me and my father which will spoil our personal relationship. Therefore I have decided to take my own path and work elsewhere. Sadly my parents aren’t taking it well and are almost forcing me to join in the business by using emotional means.

My question is, do I have to give in to this force?
Or do I have the right disobey my parents in this regard?
Is what they are doing okay? or am I in the wrong here?

Parents cannot force us into a particular business, but at the same time we cannot hurt them. Do your best to convince them. Have elders talk to them. Try to remove their disappointment. If nothing works and they will be deeply hurt, then just work for this business until Allah opens a path for you, since we cannot hurt our parents.