I am a female student living abroad far from my country, I am supported by scholarship here. I am confused how should I prepare for hajj? I cannot decide whether my condition now makes it obligatory for me to do hajj as soon as possible? Or is it better for me to wait to graduate and then register hajj from my country? I dont understand when it becomes obligatory for me (in a rush). In my country, it takes very long time, probably 5 years to wait in line to be able to do hajj, but in the country I am living now, it takes only several months or even less to be able to do hajj, but the cost is much more expensive, I think it's possible if I save money from scholarship but i dont understand whether i do have to put it in priority I mean is it in a rush?

I am thinking I also want to save for buying some items for myself, also for a house when I go back to my country and so on.

How about if our parents do not allows us (yet) to go? And told us to focus first to graduate?

Isn't there a requirement regarding the state of our "soul" to go Hajj or spiritual condition?

Please enlighten me what should I do.

1- It is not obligatory to save money to go to Hajj. When you make some money, you can spend it on your expenses.

2- Yes, if you happen to have enough money to go to Hajj (like $8,000 let’s say), and you don’t need this money to survive, then you would be obligated to keep the money and go to Hajj that same year (if it’s safe for you to go). And Hajj has a greater priority over your studies. If you have enough money to go, you must go, even if it means your studies will be delayed a few months or years.

3- If you are able to go, and it is safe for you, you must go even if one’s parents don’t allow. When Hajj becomes obligatory one must go.

4- There is no spiritual condition. One must go and spiritually benefit as much as possible.