I am a research student in Japan, I got a desk from university to do my research. Sometimes I get istihadha, how do I deal with this when:
1. The istihadha is in the little category but there is time when it comes kinda often so it’s hard for me to pray. There is no a prayer room here so I have to pray on the staircase and I have to go back and forth to the toilet to check my istihadha, if the blood keeps coming out, it is hard for me to do salah and also I have to work, my time will be spent only on checking out the blood and going back and forth from the staircase to the toilet. Would you mind to give me suggestions what to do in this situation? Please help me, this condition always stresses me out
2. How about if the istihadha is big/medium? When it will be much worse, when it will need much effort and time to check the blood, what should I do?

1- It should not take too long to check. You go to the bathroom, check and change the pad if needed, then do wudhu and go and pray Dhuhr. Then check again and if you don’t see anything pray Asr. This checking should not talk more than several minutes. And even if we assume it does, prayer is our priority and comes before everything else. Sometimes we have to sacrifice.

One recommendation is to go to work at times when the time for Salat is not about to expire. That way you won’t have to be rushing. So let’s say at 1 pm pray dhuhr and then at 3 pm pray asr. And the checking won’t take too long this way.

2- For the medium istehadha, you need to shower once a day. Do that at home. And remember whether it’s medium or a little, you check check right before prayer and do wudhu. You don’t have to constantly keep checking. Yes for major istehadha you need 3 ghusls per day. If it becomes very difficult, you can do tayammum for some of them.