I am from a sunni family and they dont know that I converted almost 2 years ago, because I have been studying abroad and so Month of Ramadan has also been abroad for the last 2 years. Now I will be at home during my 2 weeks stay, and was wondering if in these 2 cases I am allowed to «lie»
1- Saying I am at the library when I am really in the mosque, (perhaps if I went into the masjid library when they called, and said I am at the library it would be allowed?)
2- Am I allowed to «pretend» to pray a little of the taraweeh prayer, maybe only 2 rakat of the prayer so my father will see me and not become suspicious on why I dont come to the mosque and pray the taraweeh prayers with everyone. (Not really praying the prayer, but just pretending by standing there with everyone for 2 of the 10 rakat they pray)

1- Yes that’s permissible. It’s called Tawriya, which means you technically don’t lie. You say the truth but your family will understand something else (like the library example you mentioned).

2- Yes this is also permissible. Just pray Nafilah prayers without making the intention of Jama’a.