I had a question regarding termination of pregnancy (abortion). I am 21 and am in a relationship with a recently reverted 22 year old. We are not married however are doing mutah. We had intercourse and she somehow fell pregnant after the condom ripped and she took the emergency contraception pill. We do not live together and are not financially stable enough to provide for a baby. We are still immature and don’t think we can provide enough or be good enough role models for a child, especially at such a young age. I was wondering what are the rulings on this?

1- If her pregnancy is at 12 weeks or more, then she cannot abort the fetus. The fetus acquires a soul some time between 12-16 weeks of pregnancy, and abortion at that time is a major sin because it’s like murder.

2- If it’s before 12 weeks and it’s unbearable for her to keep the pregnancy, meaning it’s going to impose on her excessive hardship, then she can seek the abortion. But if she can handle it, even though it’s not convenient, then she cannot seek an abortion. This fetus is your legitimate son, so keep it and have reliance on Allah and ask him to help you through it. Officially marry her and start your family life. We plan and Allah plans, and Allah is the best of planners.

Regarding the financial stability, please see verse 31 of Sura Israa’