I have a couple questions on Halal/Haram meat in the West and other non Muslim countries.

1) If I enter a restaurant in France, and I ask if the owner is Muslim, and it turns out he is, and I eat one if the meals with meat in the restaurant, did I commit wrong?

2) If I enter a butchery and I ask if the owner is Muslim, and It turns out he is, does it suffice for me to eat from it?

3) If I enter a restaurant and ask about the owner if he is Muslim or not, and it turns out he is, and I eat, but let’s say a couple of years later, I find out he doesn’t actually care about the religion and its rituals, was I in the wrong for eating at first just on the fact that I knew he was Muslim?

4) Does my obligation go as far as only knowing if the owner is Muslim or not? Or do I have to ask more questions?

5) If I enter a butchery where there are 100 butchers, 51 are Muslims and 49 are Christians?

Since Muslims are dominant here, I can assume the meat is Halal right?

6) I don’t have to ask every Muslim restaurant owner/butcher if the meat was slaughtered according to Islamic law no?

1- No you did not
2- Yes it suffices
3- You were not wrong
4- Your obligation is to know whether the owner is Muslim is not. You don’t have to investigate anything else.
5- It’s not about the number but rather who is in charge of the market. If Muslims generally are in charge of the market and generally decide where the meat comes from then you can take from those butchers. Otherwise, if this is not the case, you can only eat meat from the Muslim butchers.
6- You do not have to ask.