I have a disease since I was 12 years old which makes my whole body have inflammation. One of the symptoms is that my saliva gland doesn’t produce enough saliva which makes my mouth dry and that’s leads to bad breath. I am now 23 years old and don’t wan’t to sin anymore so I decided to get married. But I am to embarrassed to get married because of the bad breath I have which I can’t find a cure for. And this issue could also be a big problem in my future marriage. Should I just wait until I find a cure for it or should I just have tawwakul on Allah and get married?

Have Tawakkul on Allah and be hopeful that Allah will find a path for you. Even though this makes matters difficult with a spouse, but it’s not a problem that should prevent you from marrying. You can use breath fresheners to ease the situation, and your potential wife could be understanding. So I would not delay marriage until you find a cure. Have Tawakkul on Allah, and ask Him to make things work for you, and He will inshallah.