I have a few questions please, what's the rulings for Sayed Sistani about the following:

1. Is it allowed to daydream/imagine having a spouse? Like just imagining a day in the life nothing too explicit, just them taking care of us and being with them?

2. Is it haram to imagine explicit/intimate relationship scenarios with a future or current spouse?

3. I've heard that jinn are involved in our imaginations, is this true and authentic from the ahadith of the Ahlulbayt a.s? If possible could you please provide some sources.

4. Can we imagine haram things or is that considered a sin? Things such as talking to or exchanging gifts with non mahrams, or other more serious sins? Not acting on them just imagining.

1- Yes it’s permissible.

2- With a current spouse it’s permissible. With a non-mahram woman or imaginary woman it’s discouraged.

3- Satans can whisper to us, so part of those whispers can be to trigger immoral thoughts.

4- If one knows that he won’t act upon them, it’s not haram.