I have a few small questions please. What is the opinion of Sayed Sistani and Sayed Khamenei on the following questions regarding awrah, what is permissible to show in real life and online in front of mahrams or non mahrams:

1. What is the awrah of a male?

2. What is the recommended dresscode for a muslim man?

3. Can men be shirtless in real life or post shirtless pictures online or use that as a profile picture?

4. Can men post workout videos online?

5. Can men post workout videos online shirtless?

6. Can they post such pictures/videos wearing very tight clothes or a vest that still shows off their figure, or "gains"/muscles?

7. What about wearing shorts? What is the limit with regards to that and what would constitue awrah for a male and how much of the legs would need to be covered?

8. Are women allowed to post workout videos online?

1- The awrah of a male is the two private parts only. However, a male should not show his body to females in a provocative manner. He should be dressed appropriately when he is in their presence.

2- He should wear clean clothes, not clothes that are too tight, he should cover his body to at least the knee, and it’s recommended for a man to cover his head (such as an appropriate har, turban, kufiya, etc..)

3- If it provokes women it’s not permissible.

4- If it provokes women and attracts their attention, no it’s not permissible.

5- Same

6- Same

7- By default men can wear shorts. But if they are in a particular setting such that it’s provoking women and drawing negative attention from them, it would not be permissible.

8- No because it does provoke men.