I have a platform where I post shia content and every now and then nasibis/non shias comment something negative…I almost always delete the comments and sometimes give replies back if I see that they are open to learn. But there are times where I can’t delete the comments as fast as I can…. My friend advised me to turn off my comments "so they don’t get the satisfaction of being able to comment"… I’m not sure what the right solution to deal with this is because my friend told me that I will get the bad deeds for them commenting when i have the option to turn off the comments.

Will I get bad deeds for their comments and from the way I’m moderating the comments do you think it’s right?

No you will not get the bad deeds. As long as you delete them when you are able to, then you are fulfilling your responsibility, and there will be no sin on you, so don’t worry.