I have a question about my role as the oldest child what are my obligations toward my siblings if I have any? And if they do something wrong am I allowed to lightly discipline them in the absence of my parents? And what if they are listening to music on TV, Compute, Phones what should I do? Is there an effective way I can approach them so they stop doing a bad act?

1- Yes you have an obligation to he a source or guidance for them.

2- You must use effective ways of disciplining them (not physical hitting). Come up with creative ways to discipline them.

3- When it comes listening to music, have a conversation with them. Show them why music is not healthy. Remind them that musicians and singers have the highest rates of suicide. Why? They are rich and famous, so what’s the problem? It’s because music/singing has a negative long-term impact that on our spirituality and psychological wellbeing. This is one reason why it’s haram. So share with them such points.