I have a question regarding our interactions with the opposite gender. As young muslims, in our social media shia communities and in our community centers, we have tons of interaction with the opposite gender especially on religous posts and topics. Most of the time its innocent and concise but every once in a while a brother and sister who can’t get married for a few years start talking privately. When they’re questioned they say we aren’t dating, we’re just talking and we have the intention of marriage many years from now so it’s halal. This encourages many of the other youth to do the same. I’ve seen it happen with my own friends who are righteous shias. Is this really halal like they claim? There’s no physical touching or meeting them in person intentionally or haram joking according to them. Only keeping in touch by messaging or calling each other everyday until they can get married.

If they keep their conversations strictly professional (no joking at all and no expressing of emotions) then it’s ok. Otherwise it would be haram