I have a question regarding the financial obligations of the man within a marriage and household.

I currently work a full time job. Despite having this job, I usually can’t fully cover all of the expenses we have in the house. Because I can’t cover for all the expenses with the current job that I have, I ask my wife to contribute anywhere from 100 up to 400 dollars so that everything can be covered.

I have suggested picking up a second fulltime job but since I have an obligation to spend time with my family my wife tells me it could have negative effects on the family and that I perhaps shouldn’t do it.

In our situation where I do work full time but I fail to make ends fully meet,

1) Is it haram for me to ask my wife to contribute until I find a more stable job?

2) Do I owe her the money that she contributes?

1) It’s not haram to ask her to contribute. What is haram is to pressure her or force her. If she willingly contributes that’s completely ok, and Allah will reward her for that

2) If she willingly gives it no. If she was forced to give it yes.