I have a question which I'm very concerned about. My mom has a extended family member who is her uncle. My mom asks him where her lost things are and he thinks and tells her where it could be through his spirituality and my mom asks him about certain things and how they will happen in the future. This is really concerning because I have not heard of such a practice in all of Islam which is given thru "rohaniyat". He is specialized in fighting against black magic, Islamic duas, and Quran too. When I ask my mom how he does it she says it's all rohaniyat (spirituality) given to him by Allah. Is this really a real thing in Islam and if not then is it shirk by any means or can it eventually turn into shirk? I'm concerned because shirk scares me a lot and I'm worried about my mother. My mom also asked him to "teach her" but he said it can upset her health and make her very sick which also makes me even more concerned because this is what happens in magic not Islamic practices. Is this a practice of Islam or is it magic of some sort? Please give me some advice on what I can do I'm very worried.

I cannot say with certainty how he has that knowledge. One possibility is that Allah inspires him to know that, but another possibility is that such positions are gained through connection with jinn. I do not want to judge him in any way, but the second possibility is more common.