I have been muslim for about a year Alhumdulilah, but with my family it has been rather difficult. My father continuously says very disrespectful things about islam mocking salah, wudu, tajweed, and other things as big as our belief of God. I've learned to not emotionally react to what he says, but I was wondering if you have any advice as to what i should do. Should I ignore what he says and pretend like I didnt hear or should I respond? I know islam has a huge emphasis on respecting parents so I am trying my best to be respectful. How can I balance maintaining respect and not letting him disrespect the deen infront of me?

Here is my recommendation:

1- If your father seems occasionally open to what you would say, then yes I recommend you effectively and creatively talk to him about the beautiful aspects of Islamic beliefs and rituals.

2- If he is not receptive at all, and it is leading to tension, then yes I recommend you complete ignore what he says, and keep your relationship with him as positive as you can.

God will immensely reward you for being patient with your family. Don’t underestimate the reward He will give you.