I have failed so many times at cutting so many bad habits, such as delaying my prayer, starting to do daily activities so late (in the afternoon or even evening), etc, I kept repeating my mistakes after doing repentance so many times, after I realize social media such as tiktok, instagram, etc is one of the causes I started to think whether it's time for me to delete it, but i am thinking if this step is too big to take? Do I have to take small steps first so that the repentance will work more effectively? Also I am thinking, in tiktok I got so many useful videos about religion, even the turning point of my taubah was because of tiktok videos, sometimes it becomes my reminder, this happens also in instagram. Do you have any suggestion what should I do?

Social media like tiktok definitely has benefits, but based on my research, the harms considerably outweigh the benefits. You can start limiting its negativity by putting a time limit such as 15 minutes and making an oath with Allah that you will only look for beneficial content. Don’t allow yourself to be go from one clip to another aimlessly. So put an alarm and do your best to stick to the time limit.

If you find yourself unable to do that, I’d recommend deleting your account. I know it’s a big step to take, but it would be in your interest to do that.