I have just started to research into Shia Islam and I am studying key events in Islamic history after the Prophet (S.A.W). One thing that confuses and bothers me is that why do we not openly talk about and condemn the killer of Sayeda Fatima (A.S) like we do for the killer of Imam Hussain (A.S) – Yazid. People say that it will cause disunity but how is it possible that we stay quiet not to cause disunity and do a disservice to the greatest woman to ever live.

Please guide me as to how to clear this doubt.

Keep reading and you will discover a lot.

The best way to clear the confusion is to follow the teachings of our Marjas. Ayatullah Sistani says “ we should do it with care and with the aim of educating and not undermining anyone as majority of Muslims follow them”

My humble suggestion is follow your marja’s guidance in this regard