I have some questions in investments.

1.Is it allowed to buy shares from companies, which makes a small revenue out of haram transactions (e.g. airlines normally sells/carries alcohol in the airplane). If yes, then how much of the revenue can come out of haram transactions?

2. Most companies have debts. These debts have interest on them. Is it allowed to buy shares of companies which pay interests on their debts? If yes, is there a maximum in the debt to equity ratio?

3. Is it allowed to buy shares of companies who have offices in Israel? (e.g. Microsoft, Intel and many other Western companies)?

4. Are companies who sell movies or offer a streaming service allowed to invest in? Some companies mostly make their money from halal services, but they also make a small revenue out of streaming services/selling movies. Is it allowed in these comapnies and what are the rules on it?

5. Some companies work with the Pentagon, but they are not involved in any arm deals (e.g. Adobe provides digital solutions for the Department of Defense).

6. What are the rules for investing in companies who are polluter of the environment (e.g. 3M, gas/oil companies)

7. Car companies have often bank licences. They charge interests on their credits that they offer to their customers to buy cars. Is it allowed to buy shares from these companies?

8. Is it allowed to buy/sell options in a speculative context?

9. Is it allowed to sell covered calls if the intention is not speculative, but to increase your income out of the stocks you hold?

10. Is it allowed to short stocks?

11. Is it allowed to invest in companies that offer insurances?

12. What are the rules on owning preferred stocks? These are stocks where you dont have voter rights and are not "real owners/partners" of the company.

13. Is it allowed to buy shares from companies that sell halal products, but the some of the products gets misused for haram things (e.g pharmaceutical companies sell deugs to patients, but they can also be used to get "high".)

1- If their transactions are primarily halal and the haram ones are very small compared to the overall transactions, then it would be permissible to invest in them.

2- It’s permissible since you are not directly involved in those interest debts.

3- Yes it’s permissible. If those companies give material support to the state of Israel then it would not be permissible to deal with them.

4- If the primary movies are halal, and the haram products are negligible such that when you invest in them you are not really empowering the to offer haram services, it would be permissible to invest in them.

5- Permissible

6- Permissible as long as it’s proven to you they are causing serious and significant harm to the environment, and by investing in them you are helping them do that, then it would not be permissible.

7- Yes

8- Yes

9- Yes

10- Yes

11- Yes

12- As long as such stocks have market value, then you can buy them and own them, even it you have no voter rights or other rights. Society sees value in these stocks and you can sell them when you want to.

13- Yes it’s permissible