I have strong faith in everything Allah (SWT) has revealed to us and I believe in the day of judgement but for some reason death absolutely terrifies me. Every time I think about death it is scary and depressing for me even though I know that as long as I'm a good Muslim, everything will be fine. I'm not sure if it's because of the love of this dunya and the attachment to it even though I'm relatively a good Muslim. What can I can do overcome this fear?

It’s natural to fear death, but here are some recommendations:

1- Remember Allah is merciful. When we die, we go back to His mercy. Believe in His mercy. In fact, Allah has more mercy on us in the afterlife than He does here in this world.

2- Avoid sins. Sins make us hate death.

3- Be prepared to leave this world. Be prepared for the hereafter. Do good deeds that make you look forward to Allah’s reward after death. See death as a graduation for the believer.

4- Reduce your attachment to this life.

5- Say La ilaha illa Allah 100 times a day.