I know that washing machine makes najis clothes tahir but my question is that once the first wash completes along with the detergent and the machine takes in water to once more to rinse, I saw that some clothes were floating on the top and the water just drained without reaching them (they were wet from the first wash), so will these clothes be considered Tahir after they are spin dried in the machine?

I have heard of the concept of “Taba’iyyat”, so in this regard does the whole inside of the washing machine be considered Tahir like the lid of the tub inside to which the water doesn’t reach but some splashes of water, including najis clothes water from the first wash, get sprinkled while the clothes r being washed?

And what is the ruling of the detergent froth that is seen on top after the wash, as it is from the water of the najis clothes, will it be considered najis?

1- Taba’iyyat means when the najes water is drained, whatever is inside a container becomes tahir. That’s how cups are purified with Qalil water. And yes the lid becomes pure according to this principle.

2- However, if there are clothes inside the washing machine and you know pure water didn’t reach them at all, then they don’t become pure. Water must reach them.

3- As for the detergent froth, since pure water ran through it, it became pure.