I live in a joint family and there’s one bathroom and two toilets that’s used by all the 8 members in my family. A few members of family aren’t so serious about taharat so I have a few questions :-

1. The toilet that I use is used by many and I see water on the floor and when I do taharah after urine or pooping, the water splashes and touches my butt or back. Is it paak or not?

2. The bathroom’s floor is wet generally. Shall I clean and purify the whole floor everytime before I use it?

3. The clothes are washed all together of the whole family not knowing whether the clothes of other members especially ( teenage cousin) are pure or have najasat on the clothes! In this case shall I wash my clothes seperately?

4. Once I had wet dream and najasat had come on the mattress. I tried to wash but couldn’t see where the nijasat exactly was but I was certain that it had got transferred now I still use that mattress but not sure if its pure!

5. If someone has not purified himself/herself after urination and they touch things with or without wet hand like a tap or towel does it become Najis?

1. It’s paak if you know it’s water
2. If you are not coming in contact with the floor, you don’t need to do that
3. Clothes washed in the automatic washing machine are tahir once they come out
4. As long as it it’s dry then it won’t transfer even if it is not pure
5. No