I read the fatwa about Interest when it comes to buying /taking loan for a house or apartment to live in. But what is the ruling when it comes to business. I myself and family is struggling for the last 10 plus years. I am now finally full time employed and can be approved to a loan. The money will be used to either buying myself in to a transport firm where I am charge or own of one of the transport busses. This or buying a mini market so my family can live of that income. We are 5 family members and it is very hard to manage with my income. Is it haram for me to take loan for this a loan where the bank require interest / get charged for the use of money? This is last option. I have tried everything else.

You can take this loan but make the intention that you are taking money that a non-Muslim is offering you (called istinqaadh), and then when you make the payments don’t make the intention that you are paying interest on a loan. Your intention is to pay the lender money because the law requires you to, or make the intention that the money you give (the interest amount) is a gift to the lender tor helping you with your business. Many scholars have said doing so will make taking the loan amount permissible.