I repeatedly get disappointed and it’s my own fault. I expect people treat me same way I treat them? How did our imams handl the humiliations and critics? Is it wrong for me to react through my emotions, every time I see someone close to me or even colleague being dishonest or rude I automatically lose respect for them and get hurt. It is difficult to balance between emotions and brain: people say adapt and say the right things and not be too honest. In this world we have to have balance so we can survive but I can’t. Am I wrong to express my true thoughts and emotions? I don’t know if this is the right platform to ask. But everybody thinks I’m stupid and my family say change your heart. this dunya don’t care and deserve it. But I have to ask a person like you so u can tell me what’s right in Allah eyes.

We learn the following from the Ahlulbayt (a):

1- Don’t have expectations from people. When we have expectations, we set ourselves up for disappointment. Only expect Allah to compensate you. Don’t expect people to treat you kindly or reciprocate your good treatment towards them.

2- Try to ignore their negativity. People’s negativity only brings us down. It affects our mental health and our success. Life is too short. We want to maximize our benefit in this life. Try not to care about people’s negative treatment. When you have Allah on your side, and also Ahlulbayt (a), and they appreciate the good that you do, then who cares about other people. Constantly remind yourself of this.

3- Islam tells us to be honest, no doubt. However, you don’t always have to tell people how you feel. Sometimes it’s not worth it to tell them when they don’t care. Keeping your feelings between you and Allah is better and more spiritually rewarding.