I see daily that my husband has illicit relationship with a woman who is notorious in society. I tried several times to stop him but he refused. I just wanted to ask what should be my role further according to Islam and Shia faith. Whether I should divorce or wait for him or watch quietly whatever is happening. What should I do?

1- Try to find effective ways to get him to stop. Not in a way that he feels he is being lectured. Try through a loving and compassionate way. Sometimes that works.

2- If that doesn’t work then try to have one his relatives or friends whom he listens to talk to him.

3- If that doesn’t work, and you are able to be patient and just live your life as best as you can, fulfilling your obligations until Allah opens a path for you, then Allah will reward you and compensate you for that.

4- If it gets to a point such that you cannot handle it anymore, then ask him to divorce you.

May Allah facilitate it for you.