I volunteer at two Islamic charities full time apart from school holidays.

My husband has always been fine with this… (but) my husband is now asking me to consider asking the two charities to pay me at least for expenses – so maybe a total of $1000-1200 per month.
I feel uncomfortable asking as I’ve already told the two charities that I don’t want to take a salary and also I am concerned that the reasons for me to work there will be gone as it won’t be sincere and for God anymore as I will be taking money. Plus I won’t also have the same flexibility….My husband is not forcing it but he does bring it up every so often and I know that’s what he wants me to do.

But I’m just not sure what I should do. If I asked them to pay me, would the sincerity behind what I’m doing be over? I do feel that God has given me an opportunity to do the work I do and I want to do this for Him.

1- Your sincerity would not be over because your primary intention is to support the charity and work for God. Allah knows this intention, so your sincerity will be kept and Allah will reward you for that. You personally do not want the compensation—you are pressured because of your husband. Allah recognizes that.

2- If you believe this will end up causing tension with your husband, then try to accommodate his request. Talk to the charity and explain to them the situation. Let them know that it’s these circumstances that have compelled you to bring this up. See how they respond. If you found them to hesitate, then perhaps you can just not pursue it. If they were very supportive, then ask them for some compensation.