I want to ask you questions from Quran

I didn't understand when allah says {All it takes, when He wills something 'to be', is simply to say to it :"Be!" And it is! (Surah – Yasin – Ayat – 82)
And other hand Allah say: {Indeed your Lord is Allah Who created the heavens and the earth between six days(Surah – Al – A'raf – Ayat – 54)}

My question is when Allah say "Be!" so why it take between 6 days to created heavens and the earth??

1- Allah’s powers are infinite. If he wants something instantaneously, He just commands it to happen and it happens. He doesn’t need to seek any steps to achieve it.

2- However, Allah is wise and Has a system. He created the universe in 6 stages. One reason is to teach us to be organized and do things step by step—not to rush into things without a proper plan. Also, He created the universe in stages so we can see how those stages formed and we can better appreciate his knowledge and power. If something is created instantly, you don’t know how it was made.