I wanted to ask a question regarding pre-martial attraction, and marrying someone from a different country. As with the rise of social media in this generation, it is common for youth nowadays to find a spouse online even, and they may not even be living in the same country. What are the rules regarding marrying someone you found online, have talked to online (with the sole intention of getting to know them for marriage), and you do not know their parents or anyone who knows their family (as they are in a different country). Does Islam look down upon this type of finding a spouse, if so, is someone allowed to pursue a spouse whom they met online and lives in a different country, and try to meet with their family as soon as possible to get to know them better. Is he allowed to talk to her over video-call/text in the meantime as arranging to meet her might be difficult in the short-term (provided the talking is within the boundaries and limits of Islam).

1- Such marriages are risky because you don’t know the person’asbackground. You don’t know their real identity and character. If you find someone that seems suitable, I recommend finding contacts in that city and inquire about that person. Try to figure who her friends are and talk to them. Without getting such an evaluation you are basically walking blindly into such a marriage.

2- Talking to her is permissible as long as Islamic guidelines are observed, such as not joking, not saying things sexual in nature, and being professional. If she is not wearing make up and in full hijab, you can see her on a video call.