I wanted to enquire the following:
1) I got engaged last year, and got into mutah with her for a period of 1 year, ( i got my mutah recited on 15th april which was 2nd ramadhan) , wanted to ask do i need to follow the islamic dates or english dates while renewing( so do i have to renew again on 2nd ramadhan or 15th April?)

2) During my Muta/Nikah, my wife can ask me for Mahr, which can sometimes be something non monetary as well, If I get a mahr condition which is a future scenario( eg, to pursue further studies after nikah) for which we both have mutually agreed to comply, but however due to some scenarios/circumstances, the above mahr condition can not be fulfiled, does it then invalidate the Mutah/nikah?

1- When you did the Mut’ah and you set the duration at one year, what did you have in mind? If you meant solar year then go by April 15. If you meant lunar year go by the 2nd of Ramadhan. If you don’t know, as a precaution, end the Mut’a on 2nd of Ramadhan and then do a new one

2- Muta mahar must have financial value. Pursuing education in the future would not be a valid mahar. Yes, that can be put as a condition in the marriage contract, but not as mahar